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Doctor and Patient

Conditions treated


This page provides you with information about some of the conditions I treat. Every condition has an external link, which will provide you with more information about the conditions and the treatment options. 

General surgery conditions

  1. Abdominal (tummy) pain / Stomach ache

  2. Hernia repair

  3. Lumps and bumps

  4. Gallbladder stones

  5. Ingrowing toenail surgery

  6. Lipoma excision

  7. Sebaceous cyst excision

  8. Colonoscopy, gastroscopy and H pylori test/coeliac test

  9. Appendicectomy

 Colorectal / Proctology surgery Conditions

  1. Change in bowel habits

  2. Abdomen Pain

  3. Haemorrhoids (piles)

  4. Bowel symptoms

  5. Anal fissure

  6. Anal fistula

  7. Anal polyp

  8. Anal skin tag excision

  9. Bowel cancer investigations including colonoscopy and biopsy

  10. Perianal abscess/lump/itching/pain/discharge

  11. Colonoscopy and polypectomy

  12. Rectal bleeding (Bleeding from the back passage)

  13. Pilonidal sinus and abscess

  14. Minimally invasive techniques for haemorrhoids, anal fistula, Pilonidal sinus, anal fissure

  15. Rafaelo's procedure for haemorrhoids

  16. THD Doppler procedure for haemorrhoids

  17. EPSIT: Endoscopic Pilonidal Sinus Treatment

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